Provisional Booking

Thank you for considering us for your little one's next birthday celebration.  To make a provisional booking, please complete and submit the form below.  Once we've received your submission, we will first confirm whether the date, room and time slot you prefer is available.  Should it not be available we will let you know what alternatives are available.

Should there be another provisional booking for your preferred date, room and time slot, we will notify you and you may go on the "next in line" list.

Your provisional booking will be held for 72 hours from date of quote after which time you either have to confirm with a deposit of R1200 (minimum party room fee plus play fee for 10) or the date, room and time slot will be made available to others.

Your booking is not confirmed until we have received your deposit and sent you an e-mail confirmation.

For more details about our party offering, please visit our party page.


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Save R100 - excludes table & chair linen, room setup and jugs of water. Please refer to our Party page for more details. Not applicable to exclusive hire.

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Please note that costs, terms and available services for Exclusive Hire, are different to those of our standard parties in our party rooms. If you select this option, please ignore the rest of the form and skip to the "Terms and Conditions" field. We will send more info on receiving your submission.

Preferred time slot(*)
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Extra Party Time @ R30 per child
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Up to 1 hour's extra play time.

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Estimated no. of child guests over 1 year old (min.10 required)
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(Our party play fee apply to all guests under the age of 12 years old, no exceptions.)

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(Children of 12 years and older will be counted as adults.)

Estimated no. of adult guests(*)
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(1 Adult per paying child guest plus 1 extra for the birthday child, enters free. R15 per extra adult applies after that. Please note that all extra adults will be charged to your party bill, please arrange for refund with your guests personally.)

We need more info to prepare a quote, so please provide as much info as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: We require that all drinks be supplied by Funtastic Play and Party Venue
No. of Party Boxes (plain colour) @ R35ea:
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Plain colour, subject to colour availability. Contains: Mini NikNaks, Mini Bar One/KitKat, Pack of Ice Cookies, Juice Box

Colour of Party Boxes:
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Replace NikNaks with Flings @ R3.50 each
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Replace juice box with Steri Stumpie box @ R5 each
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200ml Steri-Stumpie boxes, Strawberry or Chocolate

I want to add sweetie packs to the boxes @ R10 extra each:
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Assorted chewie & jelly sweeties in a packet.

No. of hot dogs @ R27.50ea
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No. of kiddies hamburgers @ R28.50ea
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Available Platters - serves 10-12
Assorted sandwiches @ R240
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48 triangles - ham & cheese / cheese & tomato / cheese / chicken mayo

Mini hot dogs & hamburgers @ R280
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Gourmet French loaf slices @ R395
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Bacon, Brie, preserved fig & walnut / chicken, feta & avo / chicken

Cocktail Bread Rolls @ R320
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36 Rolls - ham & cheese / cheese & tomato / cheese / chicken mayo

Gourmet cheese @ R395
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3 Cheeses, biscuits, olives, cheese & tomato skewers, salami slices with cottage cheese dip

Assorted meats @ R395
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Assorted cold meats

Veggies with dip @ R240
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Assorted veggies with a dip

Savoury bakes @ R395
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Assorted savoury bakes

Sweet treats @ R380
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Assorted bakes & treats

PARTY DRINKS: Please note that NO DRINKS may be brought into our venue, including in your own party packs. ALL DRINKS have to be purchased from us.
No. of juice boxes (Apple/Breakfast Blend) @ R10.00ea
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No. of Steri-Stumpie 200ml boxes (Strawberry/Chocolate) @ R15.00ea
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Tea and coffee for 10 (flask & Nescafe coffee, teas etc.) @ R80, how many?
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(E.g. 1 for 10 people, 2 for 20 people etc.) Includes milk, sugar, crockery & teaspoons.

How many cold drinks @ R14.00ea (300ml cans)
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(Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Creme Soda, Sparberry, Fanta Orange, Fanta Grape) Please ask us for our prices on other options.

No. of cups & saucers if more than 10 @ R2.50ea
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No. of glasses @ R2.50ea
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No. of jugs of juice (1l) @ R25ea
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No. of slushies @ R14.00ea
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No. of mason jars & straws @ R7ea
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I want to add SandArt postcards @ R20 ea. How many?
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I am also interested in the following (select 1 or more):
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PLEASE NOTE: A cancellation fee of 50% of your deposit applies if you cancel up to 14 days of the party date, including when a booking has been made within 14 days of the party date. No refunds will be given for cancellations after this. All cancellations must be provided via e-mail. Funtastic Party Terms & Conditions
I have read, understand and accept the Party Terms and Conditions(*)
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Standard Party Terms & Conditions

  • All parties include the use of the party room for 2 hours – 15 mins setup time allowed.
  • No more than 2 tables outside the party room may be occupied by party guests.  Should more tables be occupied, we reserve the right to charge an extra cleaning fee of R100.
  • All children and guests will be signed in at reception.
  • A parent or legal guardian will be required to sign an indemnity form for all children entering the premises. No child will be allowed in the play area without signed indemnity.
  • The party play rate applies to all party guests under the age of 12 regardless of whether they make use of our play equipment or not.  The extra adult entry fee applies to all party guests of 12 years and older.
  • Children will be charged at ordinary play rates after the 2 hours once the party slot has expired.
  • The party room must be evacuated after 2 hours – strictly.
  • A minimum of 10 children applies for every party. For smaller parties, please discuss with us.  No parties are allowed to be held in the coffee shop area.
  • Own catering is allowed at no extra charge for standard parties. All beverages to be supplied by Funtastic Play and Party Venue, including those in your own party packs.  We reserve the right to charge a fee or R10 per head (adults and children) should you bring any beverage onto our premises.   
  • No alcohol is allowed inside or outside (anywhere in Rivergate Business Park, including all parking areas) our venue.
  • Cleaning of the party room is included in the room hire fee.
  • Maximum number of children and adults will depend on which party room is selected.
  • A deposit of R1200, secures your booking.
  • A cancellation fee of 50% of your deposit applies if you cancel 14 days or more before the party date, so you need to give us 14 days notice to receive 50% of your deposit back.  No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 14 days before the party date.  All cancellations must be provided via e-mail.
  • You may re-schedule your party up to 7 days before the party date in case of an emergency.
  • We need confirmation of final number and names of children and guests, by the Monday  before the party date otherwise we will take the number of children and guests on your booking form as confirmed. 
  • The full outstanding amount of your invoice must be settled before your party date.
  • The number of children and adults confirmed by the Monday before your party date will be the number you will be charged for regardless of further cancellations by your guests, no shows or late turn-ups.  All extra adults after confirmation, will be charged to yourself - please arrange refunds from extra guests to yourself as we will not accept payments from individual extra adults on the party day.  Siblings not on the guest list, will be charged at the standard party play rate per child.
  • A full guest list is required with your confirmation details by the Monday before the party date.
  • Extra party guests and food and beverages ordered by you on the day of the party will be charged to yourself and is payable in full at the venue. Any food or beverages ordered by your guests, and not added to their own separate bill, will be charged to yourself and is payable in full at the venue.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a booking without refund at any time, should you refuse to abide by any one of the above terms.
  • These terms and conditions may change without notice.  Please check our Party Page for more detailed information and costs.
  • The above terms and costs do not necessarily apply to Exclusive Venue Hire.

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